NERP hosted the 2016 statewide Extravaganza for students in grades 3-6 with a theme of “Discover the Treasures in Your Own Back Yard.” The 44 students in attendance visited various sites in the northeast region of the state.  At Ashfall Fossil Beds the students visited The Great Bonebed Of Agate where students observed the remains of long-extinct mammals such as the Menoceras, Dinohyus, and Morophus. A visit to the Kreycik Elk & Buffalo Ranch allowed students to ride thru the hilly pastures on a tractor-pulled covered wagon.  Elk and buffalo come right up to the wagons and students fed them corn ear treats.  The adventure continued as students met Miss Nebraska Rodeo 2016, practiced roping pretend steers, and saw a rodeo demonstration at an indoor arena.

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Previous Extravaganza Experiences

  • Entomology Extravaganza (2015-16) in Lincoln with hands on opportunities to learn about the insects around us.  Presentation by a beekeeper, art projects and learning stations, a visit to the UNL Entomology Lab and activities at the FUNdamental Athletic Academy kept 3-6 grade students busy all weekend.
  • Pet University in Omaha (2014-15) in Omaha where students earned an honorary degree from Pet University by completing training in Pet Care, Training Pets, Understanding Pet Behavior, and Pet Responsibility.  Students also toured the Nebraska Humane Society.
  • 5..4..3..2..1..Blast Off (2013-14) in Omaha students learned what it takes to be an astronaut and how to assemble a Rocket.  A visit from the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, KS to launch a garbage can into space was another wonderful adventure
  • SAC Museum and Sandhills Cranes have taken the students across the state out to experience science and nature up close.