Storytelling Festival


2016 Storytelling Festival was Wessels Living History Farm, York, NE.  80 kindergarten through sixth grade students from across the state learned about the buildings at the Wessels farm, heard stories about farm life from the past, and even got to play games such as “catch the bacon” and “tug-of-war.” Students were able to pick their own corn from the field and attempt various corn-shucking techniques. Students were also able to interact with a variety of farm animals. One of the highlights of the student’s trip was having the opportunity to guess what various old kitchen gadgets were used for!




From the Pony Express to the Polar Express, the Storytelling Festival is full of opportunities to explore literature and learning through stories.  This activity is often open for kindergarten through sixth grade is is a one day activity.  Past presenters have included CJ Jones, Linsay Darnall, Jr., and Ricky Smith covering topics such as Pony Express, storytelling through music and poetry, Polar Express, Oregon Trail exploration at the Kearney Archway Museum.